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     The Godfrey Knife and Forge patent pending Triplex Knife Handle™ is as close to indestructible as a knife handle can get.  We have put these handles under a 25lb Little Giant power hammer and the barely take any damage.  The Triplex Handle™ is constructed with a full cast heat treated aircraft grade aluminum and is wrapped in canvas micarta CamoWrap™.  The result is a high-performance design that will easily handle use in extreme survival and combat situations. 

     The patent pending Angle Assist™ is a built in angle setting jig that allows the user to maintain a perfect edge angle while sharpening every time.  It is available in traditional hollow grind, flat grind or even convex grind.   The Angle Assist™ offers durability and ease of sharpening previously unmatched in the industry. 

Outside of smashing the edge with a rock, putting it in a vice with a crowbar or using some other tool you would not encounter in a real life situation, it is nearly impossible to render an E.D.K, unusable. 

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